IT industry is in transition. There are many opportunities but there are challenges. Professionals will benefit from support and guidance provided by Dr Deepak Shikarpur. Dr Shikarpur has deep knowledge of the industry, compassion and the ability to mentor and to be the guiding light for individuals in the industry.

Dr. Anand Deshpande Founder and MD Persistent


In an environment where skills requirements are changing everyday and automation and artificial intelligence are threatening services jobs in large numbers, most IT/BPM professionals are in need of mature counselling and mentorship to manage their careers. I am sure Deepak's initiative will help them to weather many career storms and place their careers on a sound footing

Dr. Ganesh Natarajan Chairman - 5F World | Global Talent Track | Skills Alpha | Kalzoom Advisors Social Venture Partners India | Pune City Connect | NESConnect


With, knowledge, skill, competency, experience of about three decades in I.T. and BPO industry Dr. Deepak Shikarpur would indeed be” the choice” to seek professional career guidance in the said filed. I have no doubt that the students would get most current situational analysis and the right directions to follow to achieve the career objectives.

Dr. Anant Sardeshmukh Director General - Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture