IT is India’s Tomorrow

Today computers have become a significant part of everyone’s life, new gadgets, software, Mobile Apps are introduced every now and then. It's really amazing how thoroughly the technology is spreading in our lives and society. The use of computer technologies has become common in all types of organizations like academia, research, industry, government, private and business organizations. There are microprocessors everywhere including watches, toasters, cameras and even infant toys, latest cars often have wireless networking, GPS system built-in, hotels have Internet access in every room.

As computers become even more persistent, the potential for computer-related careers will continue to grow and the career paths in computer-related fields will become more diverse. With all these advancements, IT one should understand various career paths and the career ladders which will be available in the future for them. Its required to understand the skill set to choose a particular career path, International Certifications which could add value to the career, importance of a good, innovative project, the current technological trends. If the student prepares well in advance, it would be easier to step up in the corporate world with full confidence.