IT Jobs Mentoring

IT (Information Technology) +IT (Indian Talent) = IT (India Tomorrow) is the equation of 21st Century . Indian IT Sector is expanding fast and is going through challenging times. Employability and acquiring good placement is always a challenge for Freshers as well as experienced professionals. Despite challenging times in Global Landscape IT sector still offers many Career Opportunities Globally. If one is tracking changes in paradigms and keeps open , 24*7 constant learning attitude then success is assured in IT sector.

IT as a career option has many challenges as it’s a different field. There is no Job Security, constant technology changes make usefulness of the professional a real challenge,. With all these advancements, as a student of IT one should understand various career paths and the career ladders which will be available in the future for them. Its required to understand the skill set to choose a particular career path, International Certifications which could add value to the career, importance of a good, innovative project experience, the current technological trends .

Future ahead looks scary. AI, Big Data/Analytics and Robotics will definitely reduce many jobs not only in Service, Manufacturing but also in core tech sector. At the same time new job roles will emerge. But are you ready for it ? For being relevant all the time in next 5-10 years, one needs to innovate, think like an entrepreneur and drive customer satisfaction all the times.

Here are Ten Commandments of Success@IT
  • Dependence on Degree alone is not enough
  • Degree + Skills = Employability
  • Employability +Good Values = Personality
  • Personality+Learnability = Career
  • Experience +Skill Upgrade = Career Progression
  • Student should become a Learner and Commando
  • You can learn from anywhere, anyone and by any means
  • Global Outlook (overseas Experience) a must for Career progression
  • Teachers may not know everything
  • Self Learning (Eklavya Model) a must

Importance of Mentoring

Any IT professional at any point of time in his/her career needs a Mentor, Due to lack of awareness , parents/siblings are not the best sources of mentorship even though they are natural choices In childhood some teachers were mentors. If you really have a successful /trustworthy friend/relative in the same profession, you are very lucky. In many other fields such as art, music, sports mentorship is an acceptable role.

Unfortunately in Information technology field it is not considered an Essential Role. If you are an experienced professional, you should invest some time to mentor young professional/entrepreneur. Its not a completion for you.

A mentor is a person like a Coach in the Cricket team. He/She will constantly analyse your strengths/weakness and progress. With no personal strings attached, a frank advice is natural. One may not like it . But in the long run it will prove valuable.

I wish you all the Best and sincerely hope that you find a Right Mentor.