IT Career with Dr Deepak Shikarpur

You can interact with IT Veteran Dr Deepak Shikarpur who has versatile experience. He has worked in Multinational, Start up as well as Large IT Services company environments.

A prolific writer and speaker he has travelled across the Globe and interacted with Whose who of the corporate and political leadership. His networking gets him lot of advance information as well as benefit of his recommendation for a career change as well as education. You can also consult him for “Strategic guidance of Growth of Business”

Deepak’s Ten Commandments of Success@IT

  • Dependence on Degree alone is not enough.
  • Degree + Skills = Employability.
  • Employability +Good Values = Personality
  • Personality+Learnability = Career
  • Experience +Skill Upgrade = Career Progression
  • Student should become a Learner and Commando
  • You can learn from anywhere, anyone and by any means
  • Global Outlook (overseas Experience) a must for Career progression
  • Teachers may not know everything
  • Self Learning (Eklavya Model) a must

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