Experts Talk

Prashant Girbane

COVID19 had brought the importance and implementation of 'Digital' forward by a couple of years. Digital means 'access' and 'empowerment' and hence would help in strengthening our democratic values, if strategized and implemented in that spirit. With this backdrop, to be skilled in various 'Digital' technologies will be an asset for youth of today and tomorrow. Digital Marketing and Cybersecurity are two very good examples. Indian youth must make use of every possible channel to acquire these skills and grab the employment opportunities in this domain.

Prashant Girbane Director General (Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture)

Bhushan Gokhale

Cyberspace is an important component contributing to the efficiency, transparency, and speed of decision-making across various sectors, ranging from banking to railways to the military. The security of cyberspace is complex; unfortunately, India hasn't invested in its own hardware, hence we face many threats to our data systems. These threats can tantamount to War Without Weapons and hence, cyber security and data security become important. There is a plethora of opportunities for the young, tech-savvy generation in this field as it touches upon more and more sectors, from retail to military, especially ethical hacking which can help the country adopt a posture of offensive defence.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we navigate our world, and establish and grow contacts. More and more interaction is moving to the digital space and this is likely to be the new normal in the post-Covid world as well. As a result, businesses must adapt not only their products and services, but also their marketing and communications to suit the digital space. The influence of the digital is strong, and competition is fierce, but thanks to digital tools, businesses are in a position to understand their customers better than ever. The field is vast, and with innovation, creativity and impeccable measuring skills, it is possible to build a high-flying career in this field.

I would strongly recommend youngsters to explore these exciting emerging career options.

Bhushan Gokhale Air Marshal (Retd)