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Why Career Counselling is Important in Life?

Career Counselling & Planning is an critical element for figuring out the real potential and guiding students in the direction of a proper career path. Students want to recognise the significance of profession training and right steering earlier than they may be going to choose an educational stream after taking the board checks. Career Guidence, Planning & Counselling may be useful choosing a profession intention, making plans and give a path to students for a better destiny ahead.

Career Counselling & planning allows in figuring out a scholar’s true ability. Students are regularly burdened approximately their career alternatives. Aptitude assessments and counselling periods could help become aware of their discipline of specialization. This might indeed help a pupil in following the proper path of have a look at for engaging in his profession intention.

In school a helpless sixteen year vintage is confronted with the choice of diverse streams - Humanities, Science with mathematics, technological know-how with biology and Commerce, and the most effective career steerage he has is the opinion of his parents, his teacher’s judgement based on his marks and the feedback of his pals and associates. A class 11th -12th scholar together with his subject mixtures is flooded with companies providing diverse entrance education and faculties luring his / her attention. What assist he has mother and father, instructors and admission counsellors whose simplest job is to place the student in college and route where they'll get fee. A graduate who's doing the route due to the fact the mother and father needs him/ her to do it or he became not certain of any other and as a consequence is doing the direction is likewise confused approximately profession selections.

In current instances, career counselling & planning is a need as most college students choose generally known domains as their profession choice. Career guidence & planning is an effort for college kids’ career guidance proper from their school about the available career options as consistent with their hobby and move of academics.

Through career counselling & planniing, an analysis may be performed for college students which will help them discover their pastimes and additionally their strengths and weaknesses. Under the guidance of an experienced counsellor, students attain calm confidence and focused ambition for achieving success in their chosen field. Importance of Career Counselling, Planning & Guidence.

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“Dr. Deepak Shikarpur is Digital Literacy Activist, Prolific Writer (51 Books) and an experienced IT Professional with experience of 37 years . He was a scholar student since childhood and was a Rank Holder with Distinction for Bachelor of Engineering program. He has obtained post graduate diploma in management and Doctorate (PhD) in the field of his profession – Information Technology. He was working in the Tata group for 15 years and then became a Technopreneur. Spreading Digital Literacy in Masses and helping IT professionals , Students, teachers , Entrepreneurs is his passion

He is past chairman of computer society of India and Member Executive Committee of Mahratta Chamber of Commerce industries and agriculture (MCCIA) a premier corporate conglomerate. He was National IT Board member of All India Council of Technical Education (2016-19) . He was invited by Brihan Maharashtra Global Forum to address industry delegates in Atlantic City New Jersy USA in August 2022.

His experience in working with Tata, Multinational companies, as Start up Entrepreneur and Higher Education Strategist makes him an ideal choice as Career Counsellor

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